How to Read this Portfolio

Welcome! My name is Benton Pelczynski, and this is my writing portfolio for Davidson College’s Humanities course, with the culmination of the work I have done for this class on display Over the past year, I have been hard at work reading, writing, and thinking about revolution, and I am happy to share the results of that hard work with you.

To begin reading through this portfolio, the best places to start are my definitions of revolution and the Humanities, as they are not only a good summary of my thoughts over the past year but are also critical to understanding some other elements here. After that, you may want to read some of my formal papers, such as a polished paper from my first semester about the analysis of Paul Celan’s poems, or my research paper about changing meaning of the Lydian mode (you may also want to read the latter if you’re curious about the pot in this portfolio’s background). If you enjoyed my research paper, you might also want to read the annotated version of one of its sources. Finally, you’ll want to read my newly created works, including a review of a play about Shakespeare and interviews examining the ‘revolution’ in the Humanities program.

In completing this portfolio, I’d like to thank my professors, whose units I have learned so much from over the past year. I’d like to thank the Humes fellows for helping me refine my written work, and my classmates for supporting me in discussions. And I’d like to thank my Mom, and the rest of family, for giving me editorial advice and always being there for support when I felt stuck.